• Blue Ridge Rainforest

    The Buddha and the Sacred Earth

    All views are poetic. All understandings of reality, including “Nature,” are interpretive. In this article, Gaia House teacher, Rob Burbea, explores how Western culture’s views of “Nature” contribute to ecological crises and our opportunity to move beyond those limitations.

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  • SacredEarth-BuddhaGarden-Feature

    Affirming the Sacred Together

    Faith traditions the world over gathered on June 12 to inspire protection of sacred Earth. The live webinar we offered on that day featuring Jayna Geiber from the Order of Interbeing is available here.

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  • SacredEarth-Feature

    Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust

    Rev. Fletcher Harper of GreenFaith observes, “it is our sacred duty to protect the vulnerable, to provide for the future of our children, to show compassion to the earth. Today, we accept this responsibility.”

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  • SanJuanRuins

    Verses for Environmental Practice

    In a pure blessing of practice, contemplation and science, the late Zen teacher Robert Aitken offers these daily practices to inform a deeply grounded being. Happy Earth Day.

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